About Us

Established in 1993 and based in Littleton, Colorado, Instar Engineering and Consulting, Inc., provides a broad range of structural, mechanical, and systems engineering and consulting services to the aerospace industry. Our four full-time engineers have over 100 combined years experience in the space industry, including a broad structural and mechanical background, a systems perspective, and project-management experience. As the need arises, we enlist the services of several local experts who have retired from full-time employment in the space industry.

We provide consulting services—including mechanical system integration, independent review (requirements, designs, analyses, tests, and system integration plans), risk assessment, and verification planning—in addition to specific engineering services, such as requirements definition, preliminary structural design, finite element modeling, stress analysis, dynamics and loads analysis, vibration test engineering and force limiting, modal survey test engineering, thermal control and analysis, and mass properties management.

We have provided engineering and consulting services to the U.S. Air Force Academy, Space Test Program, NASA Engineering and Safety Center (NESC), Lockheed Martin (Orion), DigitalGlobe, Design Net Engineering, Comtech AeroAstro, Planetary Systems Corp., DARPA, and other organizations. We also develop and teach engineering short courses for the NASA centers, JPL, and many aerospace companies (over 200 courses since 1995, with duration varying from two to five full days).

We work primarily out of our own facility, using our own computers and software, on both long- and short-term projects, but we also work on a short-term basis at customer facilities.