Available Short Courses

SMS — Space Mission Structures: From Concept to Launch

A broad but close view of the structure as a system, covering functions, requirements, environments, verification planning, design, analysis, test, and risk assessment.

SDA — Structural Design and Analysis for Aerospace Engineers

An effective follow-on to Instar's SMS course, delving into considerably more detail in design and analysis. Not specific to the space industry.

DABJ — Design and Analysis of Bolted Joints

A course for design engineers and analysts, with the goal of building understanding of how bolted joints behave, how to design them to be trouble free, and how to assess their capability. Introduces and explores NASA-STD-5020 for threaded fastening systems.

STDI — Structural Test Design and Interpretation for Aerospace Programs

Provides a rigorous look at structural testing and its roles in product development and verification for aerospace programs.

VTSS — Vibration Testing of Small Satellites

This 2-day course provides a tutorial, practical guidance, examples, and recommendations for testing a small satellite on an electrodynamic shaker.

TenP — Ten Principles for Successful Space Programs

Aimed at managers and leaders, this course addresses the most challenging problem in the space industry: How do we reduce cost and schedule time while also trying to ensure a successful mission?

For training in Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing, Instar recommends Tech-Training.