ESSI — Engineering for Success in the Space Industry

Instar Engineering Short Course

Course Overview

This course introduces the unique challenges of system development in the space industry and presents an integrated approach for addressing them in a manner that helps ensure not only a successful mission but also reduced total cost (and more fun along the way!). The course introduces and explores ten principles for effective engineering in the space industry:

  1. Never stop learning, and don't become too specialized
  2. Adopt the right attitude: Take responsibility for quality and mission success
  3. Allow others to have ownership of their products
  4. Constantly strive to improve communication and teamwork
  5. Follow a sound engineering approach
  6. Improve personal efficiency or work output through good engineering and good task management, not by compromising quality
  7. Think ahead to avoid problems, and keep everything as simple as possible
  8. Establish an effective quality system
  9. Be willing to accept risks, but only those you and the other stakeholders understand
  10. Don't let the fire go out!

Target Audience

Engineers in all disciplines and of all levels of experience. Managers, leaders, and supervisors are encouraged to take Instar's related course, "Ten Principles for Successful Space Programs".

Course Developers and Instructors

Tom Sarafin and Poti Doukas

Course Length

Three full days