Welcome to Instar Engineering and Consulting

Consulting, engineering services, and short courses for the aerospace industry

Established in 1993 and based in Littleton, Colorado, Instar Engineering and Consulting, Inc., provides a broad range of structural, mechanical, and systems engineering and consulting services to the aerospace industry:

  • Mechanical systems engineering: requirements definition and interpretation, concept development, verification planning, mass properties management, risk management, system integration
  • Spacecraft configuration development
  • Structural and mechanical design
  • Stress analysis and finite element modeling
  • Fatigue, fracture, and derivation of load spectra
  • Loads, dynamics, and vibration
  • Thermal control and thermal analysis
  • Structural and mechanical test engineering: static loads, fatigue, vibration, modal survey
  • Notching and force limiting
  • Bolted joints: design, analysis, and test; NASA-STD-5020A compliance; development of fastening system control plans