STDI — Structural Test Design and Interpretation for Aerospace Programs

Instar Engineering Short Course

Course Overview

This new three-day course provides a rigorous look at structural testing and its roles in product development and verification for aerospace programs. The course starts with a broad view of structural verification throughout product development and the role of testing. The course then covers planning, designing, performing, interpreting, and documenting a test.

The course covers static loads testing at low- and high-levels of assembly, modal survey testing and math-model correlation, sine-sweep and sine-burst testing, and random vibration testing.

The objectives of this course are to improve your understanding of how to

  • identify and clearly state test objectives
  • design (or recognize) a test that satisfies the identified objectives while minimizing risk
  • establish pass/fail criteria
  • design the instrumentation
  • interpret test data
  • write a good test plan and a good test report

Target Audience

All engineers and managers involved in ensuring that flight vehicles and their payloads are structurally safe and ready to fly. This course is intended to be an effective follow-up to Instar's course "Space-Mission Structures (SMS): From Concept to Launch", although that course is not a prerequisite.

Course Developer and Instructor

Tom Sarafin

Course Length

Three full days or five 5–hour days