Our Teaching Philosophy

We seek to educate first, train second.

  • Training = teaching people how to do something
  • Education = helping people understand something, which is a prerequisite for doing it well

We involve the class rather than simply lecture.

  • Interactive teaching style
  • Class problems
  • Class size limited to 30 (25 preferred)

We are continually revising and improving our courses, and each participant receives a well-organized, understandable course book for reference.

Our marketing approach is mainly word of mouth. Strategy:

  • Provide a high-quality course
  • Organizations will ask us back for more
  • Other organizations will hear of us

We can help your organization establish an effective program or curriculum for continuing education and training.

  • Identify needs
  • Customize courses
  • Find good courses other than the ones we offer
  • Provide flexible teaching hours
  • Explore alternative formats