VTSS — Vibration Testing of Small Satellites

Instar Engineering Short Course

Course Overview

This new 12-hour course provides a tutorial, practical guidance, examples, and recommendations for testing a small satellite on an electrodynamic shaker. Addressed are sine-burst testing, random vibration testing, and low-level diagnostic sine sweeps. Notching, response limiting, and force limiting are addressed in detail, with examples. The course is primarily aimed at satellites in the 50 – 500 lb (23 – 230 kg) range, but it also applies to CubeSats. Most of the guidance applies to larger satellites as well if they will be tested on a shaker. The objectives of this course are to improve your understanding of how to:

  • establish an effective vibration test program
  • identify and clearly state test objectives
  • design (or recognize) a test that satisfies the objectives while minimizing risk of an over test
  • establish pass/fail criteria and interpret test data
  • write a effective test plans and test reports

Target Audience

All engineers and managers involved in ensuring small spacecraft can withstand launch environments.

Course Developer and Instructor

Tom Sarafin

Course Length

2 days